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April 11, 2023

Strengthening Primary Care in HPE Update #1

Amongst the Hastings Prince Edward Ontario Health Team’s (HPE OHT) strategic priorities is “Strengthening the Primary Care Network”. The HPE OHT recognizes the significant challenges being experienced by so many in our communities. To help address these challenges, the HPE OHT has recently formed the Primary Care Action Team (PCAT) with a focus on two specific areas:

  1. To better understand the current state of primary care in Hastings County and Prince Edward County (HPE) including inequities and gaps in access to care. This will help the HPE OHT prepare for future requests for proposals related to primary care funding that will help address these inequities and gaps.
  2. To develop, implement and operationalize a multi-year primary care strategy that will help expand and enhance primary care services and deliver accessible and equitable primary care to all. This strategy will aim to ensure residents receive the right care, in the right place and when they need it.

The HPE OHT recognizes that this work must be done in a collaborative manner. Over the next several weeks and months, the PCAT will engage with a diverse group of service providers, with patients, clients and partners, with primary care service providers and the broader community. The diverse perspectives and voices of partners and stakeholders will be critical in this work. Additional communications regarding upcoming engagement opportunities throughout the month of April will be forthcoming.

In order to expand and enhance primary care services here in HPE, creative and innovative thinking is a must with a focus not only on the present, but the future as well. By partnering to strengthen our primary care network, we will create better health and wellness, within and across our communities.

To learn more or connect to with the PCAT, please email info@hpeoht.ca.



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